State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box leads the charge against infant mortality
Indiana hospitals join forces to reduce infant mortality
As suicide rates rise, Hoosier hospitals focus on intervention and prevention
IHA’s Rebecca Hancock studies the voice of older sepsis patients

Summer-Fall 2018

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Additional Stories

Chairman’s Letter

IHA Chairman Kreg Gruber reflects on how health care leaders can improve the health of our society

Protecting the Fiscal Health of the Healthy Indiana Plan

Raising the cigarette tax is a key opportunity to augment state funding

Gathering for the Greater Good

A recap of the 2018 IHA Annual Membership Meeting

President’s Letter

IHA President Brian Tabor thanks members for their ongoing engagement

IHA Update

IHA welcomes new staff; Spencer Grover honored with IRHA's Lifetime Achievement Award

Patient Safety Update

Patient Safety Update

IHA’s Indiana Patient Safety Center (IPSC) presented its 2018 Indiana Patient Safety Awards in June