Member Survey Results

More than 100 respondents from member hospitals across the state answered the 2015 Membership Satisfaction Survey. The results have helped us identify our areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We want to thank you for your participation, as your feedback helps us improve how we communicate and engage with all of our members. We will continue to make improvements in order to better focus our efforts on what is most important to our members and to address any concerns and challenges they may face in the future.

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We are proud to report that 80 percent of respondents ranked our overall performance at nine or 10 in terms of excellence. In all, 120 members provided feedback through the Membership Survey. Respondents represented a variety of leadership roles, including chief executive officers, administrators, chief nursing officers and vice presidents. If you have not yet completed the survey, please visit

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IHA offers many opportunities for members to be engaged. We host 44 district meetings each year, and our eight councils meet multiple times per year. IHA also offers many educational opportunities, including webinars, conferences and management education through a partnership with Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Our Annual Membership Meeting is another way members can get involved and network with other colleagues. We invite our members seeking to become more involved to take advantage of the opportunities listed here, and to include their fellow hospital leaders as well. For more information on getting involved, contact Cathy Armold at


In an effort to better reach you, we have been enhancing and improving our communications efforts this year. You may have noticed our newly redesigned e-newsletter and recently released (which you’re on right now!), where anyone can access new and past issues of Harmony online. We also offer legislative updates and a quality and patient safety e-newsletter to our members. Our goal is to provide our members with relevant and useful information, education and resources. If you are interested in receiving more of our communications, please contact Julie McKowen at

To view the full member survey results, click here.

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, it’s not too late! Take the survey now.