We Care. We Vote.


Indiana’s hospitals stand ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure patients have access to the care they deserve. However, our ability to maintain the kind of access to services our communities have come to expect is not guaranteed. This election year is a critical time to launch an industry-wide effort to ensure the political landscape at the state and federal levels is one that supports the future sustainability of quality health care.

That’s why IHA has launched We Care. We Vote.

The We Care. We Vote. campaign aims to empower IHA members by sharing information on what’s at stake for Hoosier hospitals this election year.

Through consistent outreach and education, We Care. We Vote. encourages hospitals to elevate their advocacy efforts leading up to the November 2016 general election, calling on hospital employees and our extended network, including physicians, trustees, vendors and volunteers, to join together to make the voice of the industry heard. Here’s how you can get involved.

Make the pledge to vote this election year. Visit IHAharmony.org/vote to add your name and take the We Care. We Vote. pledge.

Register to vote and know who is on your ballot at indianavoters.com. You must register in Indiana by Oct. 11 to vote in the general election this November. You can also download the Secretary of State’s mobile app to register, see which candidates will appear on your ballot, find your polling place and more.

Invite candidates to tour your facility to see first-hand the incredible life-saving work Hoosier hospitals do every day.

Meet with lawmakers in district offices and on Capitol Hill to make your concerns known.

Sign up for IHA’s updates and advocacy tool. You can sign up for IHA’s Legislative Updates or register for our rapid response grassroots advocacy tool, VoterVoice, by contacting Laura McCaffrey at lmccaffrey@IHAconnect.org.

Vote on Election Day. Get to the polls and make your voice heard. Encourage all employees, volunteers, board members, visitors and affiliated physicians to do the same.

Advocacy In Action

Our federal and state legislators have a lot on their plates—every day they are asked to make important decisions that affect all of us. It is our responsibility to make sure lawmakers understand how the decisions they make will impact the health of Hoosiers. Here are three simple tips to consider in your advocacy efforts.


In your meetings with lawmakers, highlight how hospitals are central to more than just health care delivery:

  • Educate them on the critical services you offer from emergency care, mental health services, obstetric services, disaster preparedness and more.
  • Share how many people you employ and the economic impact of your facility (contact IHA for data if you do not have this available).
  • Stress how the availability of local, high-quality health care is essential to attracting and retaining other employers in your community.


Outline the many challenges you face today, such as Medicare reimbursement cuts, nursing shortages, readmission penalties under the Affordable Care Act and more. Describe how you’re not only meeting the challenges, but reducing costs and enhancing quality and patient safety at the same time.


Make sure that lawmakers know that keeping Indiana’s HIP 2.0 coverage expansion is essential, and ask them to oppose Medicare and Medicaid payment cuts. But other critical issues can arise at any time, and that’s why forming those personal connections is essential. If you can, obtain a personal email address or cell phone number. During the legislative session, those timely emails and texts can mean the difference between a big win or a defeat on important issues.

Stay tuned for more resources from We Care. We Vote. heading into the November election. Visit the We Care. We Vote. page for more information.