Introducing Andrew VanZee, IHA’s New VP


You could say that Andrew VanZee has health care in his blood. Growing up in Logansport, Indiana, with a nurse for a mother and a patient advocate for a grandmother, Andrew has been around health care his entire life.

“Growing up I had planned to go into medicine,” VanZee says. “At the end of college, I found hospital administration appealing because it enables you to improve processes and systems that can have a positive impact on everyday patient experiences.”

After receiving his Master of Health Administration from the University of South Carolina, VanZee served as vice president of Operations and Provider Networks for Logansport Memorial Hospital for seven years. There he implemented changes to the ED that led to a 30-minute decrease in overall wait time and also oversaw the development of an all-digital radiology solution. “The great thing about moving to a digital radiology solution was that it enabled patients to take home digital images for the first time.”

During his time at Logansport Memorial Hospital, VanZee become an ACHE Fellow and earned an additional master’s degree of science in Informational Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

In 2010, VanZee joined the State of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration as its statewide health IT director, eventually working his way up to chief quality officer. One of his most significant accomplishments at the state was working with the State Department of Health to establish, a database that enables patients to access their immunization records.

“I’ve always been a proponent of freeing data and getting information into the hands of the patient,” VanZee says. “I’d worked closely with the State Department of Health on building a more robust immunization record overall. I wanted to not only capture that information, but also get that data to the families that the data represents.”

As Vice President, Andrew will provide leadership and strategic direction to IHA to achieve the Association’s goals with respect to health care operations improvement, information technology, health information exchange, cybersecurity, telemedicine and other health care operational issues.

VanZee believes his new role offers the best of both worlds— the ability to work on the statewide initiative level and to return to his professional roots assisting hospitals. “I’m most excited about getting back out and visiting with hospitals and their staff,” VanZee says. “I enjoy hearing all the exciting things they’re accomplishing in their communities and figuring out how I can link them with the resources they need to solve problems more efficiently.”

When VanZee isn’t helping redefine the ways in which Hoosiers access their health care information, he stays busy as a father of three young children (ages three, five and seven). While his free time is limited, he manages to coach baseball and soccer at the youth level, get in the occasional round of golf and take on any home remodeling challenge that comes his way. “I like any home project that requires learning a new skill and solving a new problem.”