Joining Forces on Hoosier Health

The Alliance for a Healthier Indiana aims to improve state health metrics

Ranked among the top 10 unhealthiest states in the nation and one of the lowest in terms of public health spending, Indiana is in critical need of improved health education, funding and reform.

In an effort to create this change, Hoosier health care professionals, advocates and community and business leaders from across the state—including IHA—are coming together through the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana. The Alliance’s goal is to rally health care leaders, employers, policymakers, educators, funders, insurers and others to make our state a healthier place to live, work and thrive.

“Indiana’s health metrics are, quite frankly, abysmal,” said Bryan Mills, “We take the health of our community very seriously, and the path we are on as a state is simply unacceptable. It is going to require a focused plan of action and the support of state legislators, hospitals, the business community and all Hoosiers to significantly move the needle.”

The long-term vision of the Alliance is to tackle a variety of key public health issues that contribute to these rankings, including infant mortality, obesity and opioid abuse. Our first priority will be to substantially reduce tobacco usage, which is the leading cause of preventable death in Indiana and a major contributor to a plethora of other health issues. Smoking causes more than 11,000 premature deaths each year, and 23 percent of adult Hoosiers smoke cigarettes. Even more troubling is the 4,100 young Hoosiers who become daily smokers across the state each year.

“Everyone is responsible for helping our communities raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco,” said Doug Leonard, president of IHA. “As leaders in the health care system, we owe it to our state to be the voice for change in tobacco legislation. The Alliance is a big step in the right direction, but there is still a tremendous need for support.”

To learn more about the Alliance, visit and stay tuned for more information. Together, we can make a difference in the quality of life for Hoosiers.


We are health care professionals, advocates, community and business leaders from across Indiana committed to improving the health of our state.

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