Standing UP for Safety

Thanks to the increased focus on improving quality and patient safety, a number of organizations and experts are developing new tools and resources seemingly every day to help guide the efforts of hospitals and health care organizations. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of these resources can be overwhelming, making it difficult to prioritize and implement the various approaches and interventions.

The American Hospital Association’s Health Research and Educational Trust (AHA HRET) recently launched the UP Campaign to help hospitals deal with this issue. The goal of the campaign is to simplify safe care and streamline interventions, reducing multiple forms of harm with easy-to-accomplish activities by consolidating basic interventions that cut across several harm topics. It consists of the following three components:

  • WAKE UP: Reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation
  • GET UP: Mobilizing patients to return to function more quickly
  • SOAP UP: Implementing appropriate hand hygiene to reduce the spread of infection

IHA is kicking off its partnership with AHA HRET on the UP Campaign at the 2017 Patient Safety Summit on June 6 in Carmel. Attendees will learn more about the campaign and hear from experts on how they can simplify their efforts to reduce harm at their facilities.

IHA will focus on each of the three components during separate campaigns over the coming year to provide Indiana hospitals with clear, focused guidance. The first arm of the campaign, which will take place during the third quarter of 2017, is SOAP UP, which encourages hand hygiene compliance. IHA recently surveyed members about hand hygiene compliance rates, current initiatives and audit tools and barriers. Survey results will be used to help tailor messaging and identify member needs. IHA will share best practices and case studies through social media, on its website and in its publications, including Harmony and the patient safety newsletter. IHA will begin promoting the GET UP component of the campaign in the fall before turning its attention to the WAKE UP component in early 2018.

Coinciding with the UP Campaign, IHA encourages members to speak up throughout the entire year. Key to the success of any patient safety initiative is the involvement of hospital staff, who must feel confident that they can speak up on behalf of their patients without fear. IHA will work to help empower hospital staff, as well as patients, to speak up and create a culture of safety at their facilities.