Why You Need to Start Thinking About Holiday Coverage Now

Summer may be in full swing, but now is the time to start planning your staffing needs for the holiday season. Every year, many facilities find themselves without adequate coverage from November through January, missing out on potential revenue and, more importantly, lacking the quality care needed to cover the influx of patients.


In addition to being a popular time to take a break from work, the holiday season ushers in one of the busiest periods for health care organizations as colds, flus and other winter-related illnesses crop up. For most facilities, the seasonal bump is temporary, and it doesn’t make fiscal sense to incur the cost and time associated with recruiting new full-time staff to meet a momentary Demand. Incorporating physicians during peak periods, however, can be a cost-effective staffing strategy. Here are a few reasons to plan for your holiday coverage now:


Burnout continues to be a major issue for many physicians. According to the 2017 Medscape Lifestyle Report, 51 percent of physicians report feeling burned out, with the highest percentages of burnout in emergency medicine, OB/GYN, family medicine, internal medicine and infectious disease. Encouraging your staff to take time off to avoid burnout and have a good work/life balance not only increases the quality of patient care, but also your bottom line.

Historically, hospital admissions and emergency room visits begin to climb during the holidays and can remain above average as winter progresses. Planning for increased demand months in advance will help your organization meet patients’ needs by preventing service interruptions. Having the forethought to bring in additional clinicians will help ease increased stress on the staff as the pace picks up. For administrators and recruiters, scheduling early enables you to lock in rates and avoid fees associated with emergency assignments.


A lot of facilities also experience an increased demand for services during the winter season and will be looking for additional clinicians, too. This expands the competition for qualified providers. Instead of scrambling to fill vacant positions, start partnering now to ensure you have a physician to fill the gap during the holidays. By initiating the search now for winter holiday assignments, chances are you’ll be presented with a broader selection of clinicians to choose from.

Implementing a staffing strategy for holiday coverage now allows you to address the patient influx quickly and cost effectively all while continuing to provide uninterrupted quality patient care.

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