Join Efforts to Fight the Flu

Each year, the flu causes millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths across the United States.

IHA is partnering with the American Hospital Association (AHA) on the United Against the Flu campaign, which peaks with the celebration of National Influenza Vaccination Week Dec. 3-9. That same week is National Handwashing Awareness Week, which encourages good handwashing behavior to prevent disease. The most effective ways to prevent the transmission of the flu is through vaccinations and proper hand hygiene, and hospitals can help raise awareness of both by participating in these two celebrations.

Hospitals can participate in a number of ways, including:

  • Featuring promotional messaging and images prominently on the hospital website
  • Sharing messages on social media
  • Sending a press release to local media
  • Hanging posters on the hospital walls
  • Including articles in newsletters, blogs and other regular communications

AHA offers a number of resources for hospitals’ use, including suggested social media posts and animated illustrations employing fun, engaging ad copy around the holidays such as “Share a meal, not the flu.” To access these resources or for more information, visit the United Against the Flu website at