Chairman’s Letter

Making an Impact

The year was 1991. While working on my graduate degree in health care administration, I elected to complete an administrative residency to finish my degree and hopefully gain additional professional experience. Fortunately for me, I landed a residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie with CEO Rob Brodhead. Rob was an outstanding leader, and I learned a tremendous amount from him. One of the most important things Rob did was let me tag along to an Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) board meeting, where I heard about everything IHA was doing on behalf of Indiana hospitals and met a variety of health care leaders, including the professionals at IHA as well as many hospital CEOs from across the state.

One individual I met was IHA Vice President Spencer Grover. Spencer immediately made me feel welcome and subsequently gave me the 101 overview of the health care association business. It was my first introduction to the importance of IHA’s work.

Over the years, I occasionally would hear from Spencer on important issues or have a reason to call him. In 2006, when I accepted the job of chief operating officer at Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Spencer was one of the first people to call and congratulate me. Spencer recently retired from IHA, and in this issue, you will learn more about him, his career at IHA, and his many contributions to hospitals and health systems throughout the state and ultimately all of our patients.

We all have the opportunity to make an impact like Spencer or like the winners of IHA’s 2017 awards, who also are featured in this issue. I’m particularly proud of my colleague Rachel Kartman, registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer and manager of cardiovascular services at Memorial Hospital of South Bend. Rachel was the co-recipient of IHA’s 2017 Douglas J. Leonard Indiana Caregiver of the Year Award. She is making an impact every day with every patient.

Whether you are making an impact at the statewide level like Spencer or at the individual level like Rachel, we all have the opportunity to make a difference for our hospitals, our patients, and our communities. We can choose to be impacted by what is going on around us or to make an impact ourselves. I choose the latter in order to improve health care for everyone in my community. Please join me in the amazing work we will do in 2018.