Chairman’s Letter

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our time in leadership roles is relatively brief. Even if you have been a health care leader for 30 years, that is a short amount of time. I don’t mean to diminish our individual roles or effort. However, I want to contrast our time as leaders with something that carries far more importance and will be a forever issue: the health of our society.

Every generation has its own defining health care issues, and if we don’t address them, they will continue to be a burden on our society. Because we are health care leaders for such a short time and these issues can last for generations, I believe we should think and work with some urgency to solve them. For example, my parents saw the effects of polio and the near elimination of it from society, which was quite an accomplishment. There were many people who worked tirelessly to make this happen so the next generation didn’t have to experience the devastating effects of this disease.

While we are serving our brief time as health care leaders, we need to ask ourselves one important question: What issues can we work on with some urgency and perhaps eliminate for the next generation?

This issue features Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box on the cover. Dr. Box is a great ally to the Indiana Hospital Association, and it has been a pleasure to support her work. As health care leaders, we should be working with some urgency around the health care issues facing today’s generation alongside Dr. Box and others like her. In this issue you will read about some of today’s most pressing issues, including infant mortality, suicide, and sepsis. I encourage you to use your time as a health care leader to help address these issues today so our successors aren’t struggling with them tomorrow.

It has been my honor to serve as chairman of the Indiana Hospital Association. Jonathan Nalli, CEO of St. Vincent Indiana and senior vice president of Ascension Health/Indiana ministry market executive, will be stepping into the role in January. I can assure you Jonathan will continue to support IHA’s work on improving the health status of all Hoosiers. I look forward to working alongside him, and I hope you will do the same.