For more than 90 years, the Indiana Hospital Association has helped Indiana hospitals adapt to a rapidly changing environment. IHA was established in 1921 to provide Indiana hospitals with leadership, representation, and support as they work to improve the health of Indiana citizens. Our members include nearly every Indiana hospital, and our leaders are former and current hospital executives and industry experts.

We are here to represent the collective interests of our members before policymakers, legislators, and regulators. We connect hospitals with the business community and health care organizations, and we collect, analyze, and distribute data to help our members and policymakers understand what needs to be done to improve the health of the communities they serve. In addition, we provide opportunities for hospitals to share ideas and information on the challenges every hospital faces, from patient safety to reimbursement.

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IHA Mission

Provide leadership, representation, and services in the common best interests of its members as they promote the improvement of community health status.

IHA Values

  • Be Responsive.
  • Be Inclusive.
  • Be a Team Player.
  • Be Professional.
  • Be Efficient.

Harmony Contributors

  • Jennifer Hurtubise Editor
  • Julie Brackemyre Writer