Are Penis Extenders Truly Effective

Stretching is one of the strategies that are used for penis enlargement. In theory, the constant stretching of the male organ, using a penis extender, for a certain number of hours a day will lengthen and even add to the girth of the penis. However, doubts have been expressed whether or not these devices can really do what their makers are claiming.

Basic principle of the penis extender

Penis extenders have been used for thousands of years. Exerting pressure on a part of the body, such as the muscle, lungs, and neck has been found to result in physical changes. Muscles that are constantly exercised grow bigger and so with the lungs of athletes. Theoretically, the male organ, which is also made up of muscles, can be stretched and exercised to allow it to grow bigger.

Studies demonstrate the effectiveness of penis extenders

A study in 2002 that was published in an academic journal has shown that these devices can indeed add to the length of the penis and that the elongation was dependent on how long it was worn. In 2009, another study that was published in another academic journal also demonstrated the effectiveness of this device in increasing the length of the penis, but not its girth.

How long can the penis become?

Makers of penis extenders claim that the male organ can grow in length by one to three inches in about three to six months. However, the academic studies have only found gains of up to a little less than one inch after six months. Nevertheless, the studies do indicate that these devices can work. Even an addition of one inch is substantial