How Do Penis Extenders Work

There has been great interest over penis extenders because of the possibility that they can increase the length of the penis and even its girth. Several companies are offering these products, claiming that they have proof of their effectiveness in penis enlargement. Let us take a look at how they are constructed and how they are supposed to work.

Usual designs of penis extenders

Sometimes penis pumps are being sold as penis extenders. The penis pump is made up of a suction tube where the penis is inserted and a vacuum is created inside this tube through mechanical means. The penis is then stretched, and this is supposed to add to penis length when done regularly. However, a more common design is made up of of a cushioned band over the base and another cushioned band just below the head. The bands are connected by two small pistons that are adjustable in length through screws. The user slowly adjusts the screws to apply tension to the penis.

How penis extenders work

These devices are based on the principle that the human body adjusts to tension by making that part bigger and stronger. This is obviously effective with muscles and those who have lengthened their necks by applying tension to the neck. It is claimed that the penis creates new cells in response to the tension, and this adds both to its length and its girth.

Safety issues with penis extenders

Caution should be observed when using penis pumps because too much pressure may cause the blood vessels to burst. Penis extenders have been scientifically proven to be effective but one should buy them from reputable companies because poor quality and poorly designed products can also cause injury to this organ.