If you’re after the best quality penis pump then – Yes

Their unique water-based design is very effective and very comfortable to use and far superior to the air-based ones.

Which one should I get?

Bathmate have made quite a number of penis pumps the last few years and there is one for your experience level and size.

  • You should pick the Bathmate Hydro if you’re a beginner and want to give penis pumping a try.
  • The Bathmate HydroMax can also be used for beginners but it offers 35% more vacuum.
  • If you want the absolutely strongest Bathmate penis pump then the Bathmate HydroXtreme is the right choice.

Bathmate Hydro

Perfect for Beginners
$ 110
  • Medium vacuum
  • Get a strong erection
  • Good for beginners


Perfect for Experienced
$ 159
  • Strong vacuum
  • Get a strong erection
  • Good for enlargement


Perfect for Experts
$ 299
  • Xtreme vacuum
  • Get a strong erection
  • Best for enlargement
9 Out of 10 men are not satisfied with their penis size and are looking to enlarge it. Are you one of them?
  • Do you crave for a harder penis that looks and feels bigger?
  • Do you want your penis to have more stamina?
  • Do you wish to blow your lady’s mind?
If any of this sounds like you, we have got the ultimate solution for the penis of your dreams! Incredibly effective and safe penis enhancement which legit provides long term results that you can read about in this Bathmate Hydro review. bathmate hydro reviews

What is Bathmate Hydro pump?

Bathmate Hydro is a revolutionary penis pump which naturally increases your penis size. It is a comfortable, safe and painless method to add those extra inches and thickness within the comfort and privacy of your own home. It cannot get easier than this guys!

Bathmate Hydro

Bathmate Hydro was released back in 2006 as a part of the “Original Series” and since then it has been world’s best selling penis enlargement pump. The Hydro is Bathmate’s original hydro pump and it can be used with water or air. It features plenty of room for expansion for most men Hercules is a safe and convenient way to exercise your penis using the amazing power of water that only a true Hydro-pump can deliver.

Bathmate HydroMax

The Bathmate Hydromax Series creates 35% more suction than the original Bathmate due to its enhanced bellows pump system which creates maximum vacuum pressure allowed by the FDA. Bathmate Hydromax range also includes the addition of a removable sealing ring that offers more comfort around the base of the penis and testicles while in use, and an improved valve that can be closed completely to allow for one-handed filling.

Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate Xtreme is the third generation of penis pumps. The Xtreme is 35% more powerful than the introductory Hercules. It offers the most powerful suction. This range has all the benefits of the Hydromax X Series, with the addition of a hand pump that allows more controlled pumping action. The Xtreme pumps also comes with an exciting array of accessories to maximise your results, including a luxury storage case with lock, cotton towel and a shower strap. buy Bathmate here

100% Legal Product

Being the licensed distributor of original Bathmate pumps, you receive 100% genuine product duly custom cleared.

Discreet Delivery

In order to protect your privacy, Bathmate pumps are shipped in a plain,white packaging that has no mention of the details or product name.

No Side-Effects

Bathmate stands free from any negative side-effects to the penis when used following all safety recommendations given by the official manufacturers.


There are the air based pumps and even pills and both can actually do you more harm than good. Safety is intact with Bathmate pumps.

Benefits of Bathmate Penis Pump

  • Increases your penis size in thickness and in length
  • Helps achieve rock solid erections
  • Exercises the whole penis length to keep your penis in top health.
  • Strong quality of erections- Increase in erection frequency, hard like steel erections.
  • Helps achieve maximum expansion on erectile tissue for phenomenal penis growth.
  • The Bathmate pumps create a more effective vacuum than conventional air vacuum.
  • Expansion of penile tissues results in permanent penis enlargement

How does Bathmate work?

  • Penis is composed of sponge-like material that fills in blood in the erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa).
  • A penis gets an erection when blood rushes to the penis filling up the erectile tissue.
  • The blood fills the erectile tissue with as much blood it can hold. This is where Bathmate comes into the picture.
  • Bathmate increases the area of the erectile tissue to make it hold more blood
  • Which in result increases the length and thickness of the penis.

Bathmate users are satisfied with the results

As per the feedback given by more than 5000 Bathmate users

This is what happy Bathmate customers have to say…..
“I have been using the Bathmate for over an year now. When I initially started using it my erect size was about 5 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth. I have been using it regularly for 20 mins in one session. What I did was… Pumped for 5 mins, emptied the pump, massaged my penis, refilled the pump and started pumping again. Doing this simple routine for 1 whole year made my erect penis reach to 7 inches in length and 5 1/5 inches in girth.” “I am someone who does not write reviews online much mainly because I feel my voice gets lost in the crowd of a million users. But I just had to put this one out there because Bathmate really does stand out and deserves this. It’s been almost 8 months I am using this and my penis size has grown 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. It’s just insane!.” “Honestly, I was very doubtful about this product and I thought it just won’t work. A little bit of internet research made me buy it and I was so wrong ! I started seeing results within just 4 weeks of use. It has definitely gotten me bigger penis in appearance and stronger penis in bed. That too without any pain! There was just a decent amount of pressure being applied to my penis…and I was okay with it because that’s how I knew it was working. So all’s good yay!.”

Bathmate Hydro

  • Most Popular Bathmate Model
  • 250% More Effective Than Air Pumps
  • Cost-Effective
  • High-Quality Built

Bathmate Hydromax

  • 35% More Suction Than Original Bathmate Model
  • Available in 3 Sizes
  • Features 360 Degree Rotation
  • Inclined Angle Option
  • Full Visual Chamber Viewing

Bathmate HydroXtreme

  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Hand Ball Pump with Hose Attachment
  • Better Suction
  • Increased Bellows Size
  • Imperial Scale
  • Comfort Pads

How to use

  1. Apply some lube on your penis before using the pump
  2. Insert your penis inside the pump
  3. Pump slowly at first to let your penis adjust to the pressure
  4. Pump the air out so that a suction is created inside the tube
  5. Continue pumping until your penis is fully erect
  6. The vacuum draws blood towards the shaft making it swell and harder
  7. Once the pump is removed, you need to start massaging your penis to supplement blood flow and increase the length.

Other peoples Bathmate Hydro reviews

There are top of different bathmate hydro penis pump reviews online and you can even find some in magazin’s like “Men’s Health” and “GQ Magazine”. Some of the best sources of Bathmate information can be found at https://aiclegal.org/bathmate-review/.

Use it with other devices for extra results

There are a range of different products that can help you gain more in terms of length and girth. Some of these products works really well together and some don’t. I would highly recommend pairing up your Bathmate pump with a penis extender. It’s a highly effective combination that can increase your penis size quite a lot. You can read more about penis extenders and find the best penis extender for you.

Bathmate Size Chart

With Bathmate’s ever growing range of penis pumps, choosing the right one for your needs can be really confusing. Do not worry, help is on the way!
  • If your erect penis size is below 5 inches use Bathmate Hydromax5
  • If your erect penis size is between 7 inches to 9 inches, use Bathmate Hydromax9
  • If your erect penis size is between 5 inches to 7 inches, use Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax7 or Xtreme7 (The difference between these three comes down to its suction power. Where the Hydromax7 has 35% more suction than the Hydro and Xtreme7 boasts of the highest suction)

Penis Pump Frequently Asked Questions

The device contains four parts namely: pump, vacuum, tube and release value. One only needs to place it on the penis, and the pump squeezes air that compresses muscles causing blood to flow into the penis. This creates an instant erection helping one to perform sexual intercourse with no qualms. The cumulative, long-term effect is that the penis’ length and girth also increases.

While the main job of cock pumps is to enhance the strength of an erection, there is compelling evidence beyond penis pump FAQ answers that continued use of these devices can enhance penile length as well. How? By redirecting blood towards one area the penile muscles are stretched and they eventually expand. Usually, the amount of length increment depends on one’s frequency of pumping. On average, men report length increments of up to 2 inches and girth increments of up to 3 inches.

I would refer you to our section about penis extenders for a more effective length increasement.

Yes, frequent use of penis pumps leads to permanent growth. However, in order to achieve remarkable improvement one needs to use it consistently. The penis is mainly made up of muscles. Just the same way you go to the gym to keep your abs toned up, you need to maintain a regular pumping routine for the results to be permanent. Otherwise, if you use the pump for a short time and stop, your muscle tone may diminish. 

The longer you spend pumping, the better the outcome. While at it, it is important to keep in mind the old phrase that goes – too much of something is poisonous. The average recommended pumping session lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour. To avoid hurting yourself, we recommend you divide the pumping sessions into 15 minutes each with 5 minutes rest in between.

The pump is designed to work gently without posing any risk to your delicate organs. However, some people apply too much pressure or pump for hours on end in attempt to speed up gains. In such severe cases, pressure can build up rupturing the delicate capillaries that supply blood to the penis. Another potential risk is that the wall that protects the erectile chambers which provide a rock hard erection. Luckily, with correct usage, there is 0% risk of injury. 

The good, premium-grade devices are backed by scientific and physiological evidence. This innovation has been certified by the FDA. However, not all pumps are certified. It is important to note that even those penis pumps that have gained medical certification have done so purely based on their functions of increasing penis size and treating impotence. 

Actually there is no need to use a lubricant. But you can still use it to make the process even more interesting. Lubricants are particularly good when you are looking to stimulate your erection just before intercourse.

The pump, being a non-surgical tool, is ranked as a noninvasive treatment. You don’t have to inject or even swallow anything while using it to produce the results. This makes the entire process harmless, healthy and most importantly easy to administer. 

Side effects are rarely reported; but that does not mean they don’t exist. For instance, in cases where too much pressure is applied or when the pump is used for longer than necessary then side effects such as penis turning to purple or dark blue may be reported. Likewise, incorrect use can reduce one’s sexual sensitivity and even causes periods of cold sensations. Serious side effects may range from severe deformity to permanent loss of penile function. Note that all these side effects are not caused by the pump itself, but the way how some individuals use it. 

Penis pumps are popular among adult men particularly aged 25 and above. Most of them view this approach as a way to enhance their health – just the same way one diets and exercises frequently to keep fit. Men from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds and religious beliefs use them. 

You should consult your surgeon/physician before you start using this approach. Generally, it is safe to use the pump 10 weeks after the surgery. With your doctor’s approval you can start using this regimen immediately. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes, Bathmate Hydro pumps are a very effective way to gain a strong erection and even increase your penis size. It’s your best bet if you want to avoid pills and other very expensive medication. A Bathmate HydroMax is great for most users, but the Xtreme series offers more power if you have the money to spend and want the best of the best. I recommend the Bathmate HydroXtreme as it’s the best penis pump. buy Bathmate here