Let us now have a look at three brands of penis pumps which will give a decent idea about the things to consider when choosing the most effective penis pump

#1 Bathmate HydroXtreme

bathmate hydroxtremeBathmate HydroXtreme was launched in the year 2006. Over the years it has become quite popular and today it is one of the top-selling penis pumps in the world.

More than a million pumps have been sold and this certainly is testimony to the fact that the product works on the ground. It is unique because it makes use of negative pressure to push out water from the pump.

This helps to create a safety cushion and reduces the risk of injuries and side effects significantly.

It does work on men and thousands of them have reported an increase in the penis size by as much as 1 inch in just ten minutes. Hence the waiting period that is often associated with other such products is not applicable with Bathmate HydroXtreme.

The results are long lasting and the erection both in girth and length continues to remain effective for around 18 to 24 hours. Unlike most penile pumps, it is safe and the instances of penis injurious are almost zero.

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2 Bathmate HydroMax

bathmate hydromaxIf you are looking for a water-based penis pump that is bracketed with the best in the market today, then you have reasons to try out Bathmate HydroMax.

The good thing about this product is that it also can be used without water, but using it with water has proven to be more effective. Safety coupled with power and strength of erections is the main reason why many men are quite positive and upbeat about Bathmate HydroMax.

It also comes with exciting warranty and guarantee terms and conditions. It is safer because water fills the penis instead of air and this reduces chance of accidents quite significantly.

It is unique, versatile and flexible. You can go as far as you feel comfortable and it does not have any straight jacketed protocols of minimum requirements of pressure and vacuuming. It also may increase the cavity of the penis which also is known as corpus cavernosum.

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#3 Penomet

Update: Penomet is no longer in production.

penomet pumpPenomet is a well known brand of penis pump and is considered different from other such hydro pumps. This is because it comes with the unique interchangeable Gaiter System.

This technology allows the users to change the amount of pressure that is put on the penis. It will make the experience of penile erection stress free, pain free and you can adjust the pressure based on the tolerance limit that is comfortable to you.

It uses a unique water harnessing technique.

  • This helps to create the right vacuum effect on the penis. It results in the penis stretching outward both in size and girth because of increased flow of blood to the penile veins.
  • The erection also stays longer and most men who have used Penomet have reasons to believe that it has the capacity of being categorized as the one of the best penis pump in the market.
  • It is known to increase penis length by as much as three inches in less than 15 minutes. The girth size also has increased by around 30%.


Why are penis pumps important?

Sex plays an important role in the relationship between a man and women. While most couples and partners have reasonably satisfactory sexual lives, there are millions who suffer from unsatisfactory sex lives.

There could be many reasons for this and the problem could be with the man and also the woman. While some women might be frigid and uninterested in sex, many men complain about inability of achieving the right erection.

Even if they have an erection, many men complain that they are not able to keep it going for the right period of time. They look at various options to overcome this problem They are ready to put their money and trust on penis pumps.

Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have some more knowledge about penis pumps. Further, we also will look at three different models of these pumps so that the readers are able to get a reasonably good idea about the attributes of the

most effective penis pump.

What is an effective Penis Pump?

This is a device that is considered to be an effective treatment option for those men who are not able to maintain or even get a proper erection.

This condition is known as erectile dysfunction. This device comes with a plastic tube. The tube can easily be fitted over the penis.

It also has a hand-operated battery powered pump. This is attached to the tube. You also have a band and this can be fitted around the base of the penis once the organ is erect. It also is known as a vacuum erection device and a vacuum pump.

How Does It Work?

  • The pump must be placed properly over the penis and only then pumping should start. Though it is better to use battery powered pumps, many men feel comfortable using pumps by hand power.
  • The air or water from the cylinder has to be pumped out in order to create a vacuum.
  • The vacuum helps to bring blood gushing to the shaft of the penis and it leads to the penis become big and erect.
  • One the desired amount of erection and size has been reached the retaining band should be slid down to the lower end of the penis. This can be done with the help of a lubricant.
  • The pump should then be removed after the vacuum has been released and once the desired levels of erection have been reached.
  • It is also possible to have intercourse even if the constriction band is in place. Penis pumps are preferred by many men because it reduces the risk of injuries caused by devices that do not release the vacuum instantaneously.

Why Men Choose Pumps Over Oral Products & Creams

There is a growing demand for penis pumps because it obviously has some advantages over other modes of treatments such as tablets, capsules, creams, etc.

Here are some reasons why there is a growing and continuous demand for penis pumps.

  • These pumps are considered effective. It might require some practice, but with correct use it could help in having the right erection required for sex.
  • They are safer when compared to other products such as tablets and capsules. The risks of side effects are much lower.
  • Pumps are more cost effective when compared to various other treatment options.
  • They are noninvasive and you can do away with the need for surgery or application of ointments and creams.
  • They can be used as a complementary approach with other treatments.


We believe that the above information would have given the readers a good idea about penis pumps. Further, the three brands discussed here may have helped our readers to know about the things to keep in mind while choosing a penis pump.