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The Male Edge penis extender is a very easy to use device that will increase your penis size with traction force.

It’s not a very fast solution but it’s a natural progress that gives you a permanently larger penis without any expensive and risky surgery.

Male Edge review

Male Edge will get you:

  • A longer penis by up to 24%
  • Reduce penis curvature
  • Natural size gains

I recommend the Male Edge penis extender if you want a bigger penis in a natural way.
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Quick intro

Male Edge is a second generation of penis extender that was developed after the original Jes Extender from the 90’s.

It has more features and a lot better comfort compared to the original one.

What Male Edge version should I get?

Male Edge comes in 3 different versions with different extra equipment.

  • The Basic at $149.99 – This is the very base model that comes with the device it self and an extra rubber strap.
  • The Extra at $174.99 – You’ll get the Male Edge device and 2 extra rubber straps + a protection pad for better comfort.
  • The Pro at $199.99 – The Male Edge device, 5 rubber straps, 2 protection pads, and a roll of cohesive gauze for extra comfort.

male edge versions

So, which one should you get?

Get the Male Edge Pro it’s an absolute no-brainer, you get so much more comfort for the small extra cost. Your penis enlargement goals are going to be easier to achieve.

How does the Male Edge penis extender work?

The Male Edge works by stretching your penis longer, this is not a very fast process but one that requires time and dedication.

Using the Male Edge is very simple compared to some of the older penis extenders since you don’t have to add/remove/change rods in order to make it longer or shorter.

male edge pro

The best way to use the Male Edge

It’s always best to take it easy in the beginner when using a penis extender like the Male Edge.

Male Edge has been medically tested and, in their tests, they started off the first two weeks with a traction force between 900-1000g.

This is how you should do it:

  1. Week 1 – Use 900g traction force and get used to wearing the Male Edge.
  2. Week 2 – Use 1000g traction force and get up to around 4 hours of use each day.
  3. Week 3 – Use 1100g traction force and use it around 6 hours per day.
  4. Week 4 – Use 1200g traction force and increase your daily use to 8 hours.
  5. Week 5 – Use 1200g traction force and increase it to 10-12 hours per day.
  6. Week 6 and forward – Add traction force as you find comfortable and use it 10-12 hours per day.

This is a great way to get started to you get used to using the Male Edge.

What kind of results should I get?

The Male Edge medical test results show an increased penis length of 28% after 24 weeks.

male edge test results

Your results might be worse or even better, but the main take away is that all participants gained penis size.

One of the most important things about the Male Edge results is that the gains are permanent.

Male Edge testimonials from users

There are lots of Male Edge users that have seen come great gains – Let’s have a look at some of them here:

  • Jeff 29 years old from Canada – I got into penis extenders at an early age due to low self-esteem. It was especially a problem after sports in my school and I was very concerned with my penis size compared to the other boys. The Male Edge really helped me a lot and I’ve build a lot of self-esteem while the gains stacked up. I got from around 4” to 6” within a few years. I’ve not used it super strictly but more of a on and off progress.
    I can’t recommend Male Edge enough!
  • Sam 54 years old from USA – I’ve always been concerned with my penis size and I wish that I’ve done something about it a lot sooner. But here I am at the age of 54 and can finally say that I’m happy with my penis size and that’s thanks to the Male Edge penis extender.
    I followed a program that took it slow and easy which fit perfectly with my lifestyle. It was a long progress but it’s well worth it.
  • Sri 37 years old from India – I was very skeptical when I bought the Male Edge, it’s was a lot of money for me. But I’m very happy that I got it and it has worked great for me. I improved my penis size by a lot and I’m still using it even that I already achieved my size goals.

You can submit your own Male Edge testimonials to use at [email protected] – We do remove all personal information before posting it online.

Final Male Edge conclusion

Male Edge is a real gamechanger and one of the best penis extenders that’s available. You’re going to see real penis size gains in a matter of weeks and the results are permanent.

I would highly recommend the Male Edge Pro version since it gives you the best value for your money and it’s going to make your journey towards a bigger penis a lot more comfortable and easier.

I recommend the Male Edge penis extender if you want a bigger penis in a natural way.
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