A study shows that about 10% men around the world suffers from Peyronie’s disease. This is also known as penile fibrosis which causes a bend in the penis due the presence of scar tissues (plaques) inside the tunica albuginea (thick and elastic membrane) surrounding the corpora cavernosa. This results in pain with or without erection which leads to erectile dysfunction. This impact
sexual life adversely and ultimately causes depression.

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In some cases, Peyronie’s disease gets better with time but in most cases, it worsens or remain constant. Doctors suggest surgery as a last resort to treat this disease because it might lead to shortening of penis and in some patients, it causes permanent erectile dysfunction. So, doctors recommend the use of traction devices (commonly known as penis extenders) to treat Peyronie’s

SizeGenetics Peyronie’s Edition Extender and Usage

SizeGenetics extender is a penis enlargement device, medically known as a penile traction device and are categorized as Type 1 medical device. It helps in extending the length of penis on a permanent basis by pulling the penis constantly and steadily over a period of time. It also helps to straighten your penis if bent or curved. The pulling force builds a tension stimulating the growth of new cells in the penis which does the restructuring.

Does SizeGenetics Peyronie’s Device Work?

It is clinically tested and proven that SizeGenetics traction device works perfectly just like the limb stretching procedures. The tension it creates in the penis by the stretching force helps cytokinesis, a physical cell division process helping the growth of new tissue cells. So, the curvature of your penis is slowly corrected while extending the length of the penis.

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This process takes time and you can expect results within six months. So, SizeGenetics offers you a double 180-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of this device which not all traction device manufacturers offer.

Is the SizeGenetics Penis Traction Device Comfortable and How is it Different from Other Devices?

SizeGenetics comes with an Advanced Comfort System which gives you quick and easy 58 customized ways to wear this device for a perfect fit. Results do not reflect without an optimal setting. Most devices come with only one way of putting on the device and in case it is uncomfortable, you will get no results.

This device is inclusive of Revita Cream and Traction Plus Powder making the experience of using the device more comfortable. Also, the unique Multi Directional Angling (MDA) design optimizes the results.

The adjustable features of the device are designed to perfectly fit any shape and size of the penis as compared to other available traction devices. It features two unique multi-functional head pieces so that you can choose which one fits your penis better.

If you wear traction devices for long, you are bound to have better results but it may ause itching or irritation on prolonged use. The latex comfort strips and comfort foams allow you to wear the device for long comfortably without any irritation. This helps you to get quicker results. Most traction devices do not feature these which makes them uncomfortable.

The better the gripping the more is the tension applied on the penis causing it to straighten. The gripping also needs to be comfortable in order for the device to work properly and you can choose a noose, Velcro or comfort strap technology from their Perfect Grip System. Most of the other traction devices come with only one grip which might not be comfortable for the user.

The advanced 3M comfort plasters help to prevent the device from slipping off making the device extremely comfortable to wear.

The advanced Directional Noose Straightening system of the device helps you to apply added tension from all directions making it perfect to treat any type of curvatures of the penis. Other traction devices on the other hand have only one directional straightening system which might not be able to apply tension on any type of curve.

This device also comes with additional spare parts in case you break or lose parts over the years.

Compilation of SizeGenetics Ultimate Package to Treat Peyronie’s Disease

  1. Peyronie’s Device – The type 1 traction device for straightening and elongating the penis. 3 elongation bars – Each elongation bar stretches your penis to a certain length.
  2. Two Multi-Functional Head Pieces – These are used for perfect fitting of the penis.
  3. Directional Noose Straightening System – Allows you to apply tension from all directions to treat any curvature.
  4. Comfort strap and pad – Helps in wearing the device comfortably for longer duration.
  5. 58 way Ultimate Comfort System – Offering you 58 ways to comfortably wear the device.
  6. 3M Advanced Comfort Plasters – Protect the device from slipping off.
  7. Revita Cream Moisturizer and Traction Plus Powder – Makes the device more comfortable to wear.
  8. Perfect Grip System – Provides better gripping for efficient straightening.

Benefits of Using SizeGenetics Peyronie’s Device

  • It can straighten any curvature of your penis.
  • It increases the length and girth of your penis and the
    elongation of your penis is permanent.
  • It reduces scar tissues in your penis formed due to
    Peyronie’s disease.
  • It increases the blood flow to the penis providing
    better erections.
  • It treats Peyronie’s disease effectively eliminating
    pain and discomfort.

Is ther any alternatives to the SizeGenetics Peyronie’s Edition?

There are a lot of other options if you’re more interested in penis enlargement, but all the options have the ability to straighten your penis. You can follow my guide to penis extenders if you want some more informaion.

You can also read my full SizeGenetics Review if you’re after penis enlargement.


If you are looking for a penile traction device to treat your Peyronie’s disease, naturally bent penis or increase the length of your penis, SizeGenetics Peyronie’s Edition Extender is the ultimate choice.

This device acts as the best alternative to surgery and also comes at an affordable price. Backed by the 180-day money back guarantee, this device is worth giving a try.

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