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Warning: see below

The Penomet is a powerful water-based penis pump that can turn your penis bigger and stronger if used regularly.

It’s beginner friendly but works just as well for experienced users who have tried penis pumping before.

It’s quite a big pump so it can be used even if your penis is curved and/or up to 10-inches (25 cm.)

Penomet premium pack

The Penomet is good if you want to:

  • Increase your penis length
  • Increase your penis girth
  • Get stronger erections
  • Last longer in bed

It’s an amazing choice if you wish to improve your sexual performance in a comfortable way.

Update: Penomet has been discontinued but I would highly recommend getting a Bathmate Penis pump. It’s simply a better version of the Penomet pump. You can get in from

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3.78 (9 votes)

penomet pumpWarning: Penomet has been sued by Bathmate for copying their design and you might not be able to get a Penomet once the case is finished. I’ll update this review with information as it comes out.

But if you’re looking at getting a Penomet penis pump then get one now or you might simply never be able to get one.

Update: Penomet has been discontinued but I would highly recommend getting a Bathmate Penis pump. It’s simply a better version of the Penomet pump. You can get in from

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There are thousands of men across various ages who may suffer from ED or erectile dysfunction.

This could jeopardize relationships and many partners and even spouses have had no other option but to split and break up well-meaning and intimate relationships.

While there are other things that make up a relationship between a man and woman, there is no doubt that sexual satisfaction and fulfillment plays a big role.

Sadly, there are many men who are not able to experience the best of sexual lives because they suffer from a condition known as ED or erectile dysfunction.

They obviously try to get over this problem and look for many options. Many of them have gone in for penis pumps as a simple, cost effective, reliable and safe solution for erectile dysfunction. We will briefly have a look at the advantages of using a penis pump. This will help readers to have some basic idea about these devices.

We will then go through a Penomet review. Penomet is a penis pump device that is quite popular amongst thousands of men across the world. Though there are many such pumps available in the market today, there are some reasons as to why many people choose this brand of penis pump over others.

Advantages of  using a penis pump

We have come across the proverb “Use it or Lose it” and this applies to the male sex organ also. The penis needs regular use and exercise failing which it might stop functioning properly.

As we get older there is bound to be a general downturn in sexual prowess and function because of lower levels of testosterone and other such problems.

In such cases, many men have to go in for medicines and other means to stimulate the penis and help it in getting the right erections and also enable the erections to stay long enough.

penomet premium pack

The role of penis pumps is certainly praiseworthy and here are the main advantages of using these devices.

  • Use of penis pump regularly is known to reduce the instances of ED.
  • Pump is a natural and proven way for increasing the firmness, size and girth of the male sex organ irrespective of the age. Even many men in their twenties and thirties use penis pump for better, bigger and more powerful erections.
  • Penis pumps are relatively safe and the side effects are not as dangerous as is the case with pills, capsules and other such alternatives.
  • Though there may be a few instances of bruising around the base of the pump, this is purely temporary and the body gets used to it when you start using it regularly.
  • Though the initial cost of buying a good penis pump may be high, the recurring costs on medications, ointments, capsules and even surgeries can be avoided.
  • Yes finally, these devices help partners to rediscover their passion and build their love and take their relationships to the next higher level.

Now that we have a reasonably clear understanding about the reasons for using a quality penis pump, let us straightaway get into the Penomet Review.

What is Penomet Pump?

This is a proven, time-tested and reliable penis pump that has been around for many years now. It has been designed with the main objective of increasing the length and girth of the penis for men who suffer from ED and other such problems.

Though there are many such brands and makes of penis pumps in the market, there are obviously many reasons as to why Penomet Pump still continues to be the favorite amongst thousands of men, not only in this country but also across the world.

It Has A Revolutionary Design

Amongst the many things, the design and science behind Penomet is quite unique and it has caught the attention and has been liked by many end users.

It is basically as water-assisted pump and it has different gaiters and this again is something that makes it versatile. It also sets this penis pump away from the rest of the crowd.

What is Special About Gaiters?

penomet gaiter strength

The good thing about gaiter that is present in Penomet Pump is that it allows the users to put different amounts of pressure and force on the suction pumps.

This helps the users to extend the muscles of the penile region keeping in mind their comfort level and their specific needs and requirements. This is indeed a big takeaway when compared to many other brands that are available in the market today.

Helps In Efficient Stretching of Muscles

There is one more unique design feature about Penomet that is worth mentioning. The design ensures that the muscles get stretched well.

The length of the penis gets increased within a short period of time. There have been many reviews from men who claim that the length has improved by almost 2 to 3 inches within 10 to 15 minutes. This brings down the waiting period quite significantly.

It Helps In Increasing Girth Too

While it does help in increasing the length of the penis quite a bit, it also does help in increasing girth too quite a bit.

A combination of impressive length and girth will certainly help in giving the most sensuous pleasure to the girl who you love. The performance levels also have gone up quite significantly when men have used Penomet.

Prevents Premature Ejaculation

There is no doubt that premature ejaculation is a major problem with many men and this pump can help overcome this issue.

The design feature while ensuring improved blood flow to the penis muscles also ensures that the erection and size of the penis remains big for a reasonably long period of time.

This helps the users to have much better control of ejaculation. It helps in better control of both contraction and expansion of the penile muscles and tissues. The instances of premature ejaculation therefore get resolved almost completely.

It is Safe

Safety often is a problem with penis pumps, but many Penomet review articles have proven that it is quite safe. The materials used are of the best quality and they help in offering the best suction without the risk of bruising and other side effects.

The water-based technology is again at the forefront of safety as far as this penis pump is concerned and other similar products like the Bathmate pump.

penomet review

Conclusion of the Penomet Review

At the end of it all, there is hardly any doubt that investing in Penomet is not just about treating the problem of erectile dysfunction.

It helps you to discover love, passion and intimacy with your partner and can mend relationships that may have gone haywire because of your inability to achieve the desired erection and staying power.

If you wish to learn more about the best penis pumps than head over to the section of our site.

Update: Penomet has been discontinued but I would highly recommend getting a Bathmate Penis pump. It’s simply a better version of the Penomet pump. You can get in from