phallosan forte reviewTaking a look at the usual stretches and penis extenders offered online, you will quickly find out that most of them are below standards. Their usage results in a rather painful and unpleasant experience. However, Phallosan Forte is a much different product compared to all the others in the market.

If you are already tired of all the hype and gimmicks, and you are in need of a simple solution to your male enhancement problems, then read on

What is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is a device that has been medically certified and prescribed by doctors globally, to help in treating men who have a wide range of problems when it comes to sexual performance.

Phallosan Forte was invented in Germany back in 2001. Now it is known all over the world by some of best penis extenders because of its intelligent design that offers a highly comfortable experience. Phallosan Forte can help correct a curved penis and in some case can contribute to cure completely erectile dysfunction.

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Phallosan Forte or Plus?

The Phallosan Plus is a traditional penis extender that worked by mounting the device on your penis and then pulling it by tightening some tension rods.

I would personally always recommend the Forte version which is way more effective and a lot more comfortable.

Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Probably one of the most important things you want to know is if Phallosan Forte really do work, right? Well, the answer to that question is simply, yes, it does work. Hundreds if not thousands of individuals have used this product before and a good number of them have registered satisfaction that it actually helped them solve their problem.

Customers have a guarantee that it is credible, safe for use and very efficient. It has gotten approval from all the relevant governing authorities.

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What does Phallosan Forte do?

The extender review revealed the following benefits that you can accrue from using it:

  • Comfort – For you to achieve some significant results, then you will have to wear Phallosan Forte for hundreds of hours. The extender commonly registers the total time that you will wear it rather than the pulling intensity. So comfort is of utmost importance.
  • Protective sleeve/ condom and vacuum technology – Phallosan Forte is the only extender that has this feature; other extenders mostly uses a sling that will even sometimes require you to use powder so that it can stay in place. If you have ever worn one of this torture instruments, then am sure you know what am talking about.
  • Phallosan Forte can even be worn at night – This is a significant advantage mostly for those individuals who don’t feel comfortable wearing the extenders during the day in public.
  • Security – You definitely want to enhance your penis but want to minimize the possible damages and side effects as much as possible. Especially because some of the damages caused by extenders are painful, can be permanent, and some even require surgical treatment to correct. Phallosan Forte has taken into account all these risks. It has a traction control built in that it always displays to you how much force is used. You also don’t risk venous embolism due to the vacuum.

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How does Phallosan Forte Work?

So, how does Phallosan Forte work? Well, the fact that almost any body part that is exposed to correct and prolonged stimuli or tension, in turn, adapts and grows to suit the workload placed on it. The concept used is just like the one used in body building.

In this regard, the penis is no different. The Phallosan Forte is basically a safe tool used to accomplish this task.

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Phallosan Forte Results

To start with, the results will always differ of course depending with the penis. However, the average gain in girth for over three months is 0.25 inch and o.31 inch for over six months. The length of the penis while it is flaccid under the same time increases with 0.33 inch and 0.58 inch. The penis will grow by 0.41 inch and 0.7 inches at the same time when it is erect.

phallosan forte results

However, some individuals will experience results up to 0.98 in girth, 1.93 inch when it is flaccid and 1.98-inch erect length over six months period. You may feel that these numbers are a bit low than most of the other products promise, but they are real researched on real people. Other products exaggerate the figures trying to market their products.

Don’t be fooled by all those products you see that promises miracle growth of the penis within few days or weeks. Enlarging your penis will always take some time. Seeing results in less than three months is somehow unrealistic, It’s basically like getting six packs after two weeks of a workout.

Phallosan Forte Side Effects

Phallosan Forte has been used for the last 14 years, during this time, there are no any serious side effects that have been reported. However, below are some few side effects you may experience although it is a highly safe product provided careful attention is paid to the instructions provided.

  • Tension – Since Phallosan Forte is entirely painless. A majority of people may be tempted to set the tension on the belt too tight. This is unnecessary because the desired results are basically achieved over time by consistent application and not depending on the amount of tension. Mostly in the first week, do not apply much tension since the penis is not yet accustomed to the belt.
  • Swelling – It is recommended that you use the enclosed protector cap to cover the glans. The protector cap exerts some pressure on the skin surface so as to prevent side effects like swelling. Swelling is only experienced if much tension is used.
  • The Belt – For some, the belt might be a little too tight, and that is why it is important to adjust it.

Phallosan Forte Price

This product is a bit expensive, but you can always consider it as a lifetime investment. You will receive permanent gains, and you can benefit from it for the rest of your life

The Extender prices

  • Phallosan Plus – $120 + $25 shipping
  • Phallosan Forte – $379
  • Phallosan Forte + Plus – $499

Bottom Line: Do I recommend Phallosan Forte?

There you have it; I hope the review above have helped you know a thing or two about Phallosan Forte. And with everything that has been said, I think it is pretty obvious that I highly recommend this product. If you are seriously interested in solving most of the problems associated with male enhancement, then Phallosan Forte is the product for you.

If you are looking for real results when it comes to penis enlargement and growth from one of the most comfortable and highest quality extenders available on the market today; please take a good look at the Phallosan Forte.

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