If you’re unhappy about the size of your penis, then you have two options: feel sorry about yourself or do something about it. There is absolutely no reason why your penis cannot increase in size no matter what your age is. Men have tried to increase the size of their penis for decades using different methods. Some of these methods have not yielded any results while there are some that have proven to be beneficial. Recent studies have shown that penis pumps, as well as penis exercise, are some of the best penis enlargement methods available. These methods have helped thousands of men if not millions across the world to solve erectile dysfunction related problems.

However, I know you might be at a crossroad trying to establish which method will best work for you. This article provides a deeper insight into the two methods so that you can make an informed decision.

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Penis Pumps

Penis pumps have been in use for several decades and are still quite popular. Men who have impotence or any other erectile dysfunction and do not wish to take medication often prefer to use penis pumps. Today, with the advancement of technology, penis pumps are now safe and easy to use unlike before. Besides, they also give men pleasure because of their gentle vibrating mechanism.

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What are the Penis Pumps?

Penis pump also referred to as vacuum pump, is a device widely used by men to solve erectile dysfunctions. Most men use this device for masturbation or to increase the girth or length of their penis. Although there are quite a number of penis pumps available in the market, most of them typically consists of an acrylic cylinder with a pump attached directly to the end a man’s penis. The cylinder is then attached to a manual battery-powered pump to create sanction. 

Blood is forced into the penis as the pump creates a vacuum around it. This helps the penis to become engorged thus causing an erection. The erection is sustained by slipping a ring on the base of the penis during its erect state before releasing the vacuum. The function of this ring is to restrict blood flow so that you can be able to sustain an erection long enough to complete sexual activity.

We’ve created a list of the most effective penis pumps here.

Or you can read more about the Bathmater Hydro penis pump here.

What are the Advantages of using Penis Pumps?

The main advantage of using a penis pump to achieve a larger penis is that it creates an immediate response from your body. The pump helps to draw more blood into the penile tissues. This does not only increase blood flow for a harder erection, but it also creates a high level of tissue elasticity.

When used properly, you will be able to achieve a firm erection in just 15 minutes that will last for several hours or until you achieve an orgasm. Some of its additional benefits include:

  • They can be used on demand whenever the need arises. This will help you create the right first impression
  • Penis pumps can help solve other erectile dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, micropenis, and increased sex drive.
  • They are less expensive meaning that you will not have to spend a fortune to own one.


One of the main disadvantages of using a penis pump to achieve a better erection is that it offers temporary results. Most men will see the size of their penis go back to their normal size overnight. This means that one must use it repeatedly for a certain amount of time to achieve permanent results.

Also, if you use the pump incorrectly, it can result in some serious injuries. The main cause of injury from a penis pump is using too much pressure. To avoid this issue, you need to invest in a penis pump that features an automated regulator.

Recommended Pump

There are a few good penis pump options but the best is called Bathmate which is made in a wide range of sizes and power-levels.

I would recommend the HydroMax series and pick one with the number closest to your penis size in inches. So, if you size is 6-inches then go for the HydroMax7 and so on.

Penis Exercises For Girth

Penis Exercises

Exercise is good for spirit, mind, and body. However, what a majority of people may not be aware of is that it can also be good for their sex life. Studies have it that physical fitness can benefit your sexual health and penis exercise can make you achieve a better sex life. Here is a look at how penis exercise can help you solve most erectile dysfunctions and improve your performance in the bedroom.

  • Penis Exercise Gives You More Control – Kegels are among the most effective penis exercises. These exercises can give you more control of your erection. Experts say that you strengthen the pelvic floor by flexing the muscles that form a shelf along the bottom of the penis. These muscles are beneficial when it comes to keeping blood in the shaft of your penis when you erect. This gives you the better strength that will help enhance and maintain rigidity and thus have more control over both ejaculating too fast and staying hard.
    To do a Kegel exercise, locate the muscle you would use to stop urine in the mid-stream and tighten it. Hold and release it. Repeat this several times a day.
  • More Girth and Size – Since penis exercise enhances blood flow in the penile area, they can help you to add rigidity, girth, and size of your erection. You can use a penis pump to do various exercises and enhance your erection. Using it as exercise can help improve blood circulation in the penile area and get your manhood in the habit of performing.
  • Leads to Better Orgasms – Numerous studies have revealed that penis elongation exercises can help you lead a better sex life. This is because they can result in:
  • Increased testosterone
  • More staying energy and power
  • Improved ejaculation and volume
  • Improved sperm production

Penis exercises are mainly based on stretching the penis to help it operate at its best potential.

Cons of Penis Exercise

  • Possible Injury – One disadvantage of penis exercise is that when you do it the wrong way, you can potentially injure your manhood. Make sure that you don’t pull it too hard or do anything else that might bring injury to your penis. In severe cases, you can suffer from nerve damage that will prevent you from having the sense of feel on your penis.

Penis Exercises You Can Try

  • Exercise 1 – Grasp your penis by its head, stretch and hold it upwards for ten minutes. Repeat the same process by holding it downwards then sideways to the right and the left. Repeat this process at least twice or thrice a day.
  • Exercise 2 – Place both thumbs and fingers over the shaft of your penis. Then press the skin of your manhood back into your body firmly. Hold it at that position for about ten minutes and then relax. Repeat the same process twice or thrice a day.
  • Exercise 3 – Place one hand at the base of your manhood and the other one behind its head. Stretch it in both directions. First stretch it away from the body using the hand that is on the head. Do the same by stretching it towards the body using the hand at the base. Hold it in each position for ten minutes and then repeat the process.

More Practice

Another effective way of exercising your penis is by practicing sex more often. More sex can help you develop the desire to have sex even more often. You can use a penis pump to exercise in between sexual intercourse. This will help you gain more control over your orgasm and arousal and thus build your self-confidence.

Recommended Penis Exercise Program

There are a few decent penis exercise programs to choose from but I’ve had the most success with the Phalogenics Traction program which is based on a 12 week routine.

It’s very effective and you don’t need anything else but the system to see great increases.

The company behind the Phalogenics program is running a special discount right now (at the time of writing) but I don’t know for how long – But it’s worth it even at full price!

Bottom Line

There you have it; some of the pros and cons of using both penis pumps and penis exercise to enhance your penis. As it is evident, both methods have their advantages and a fair share of disadvantages. The method you will choose entirely depends on your own specific needs and what you want to achieve.

One way to get the best from each method is to simply use them both. They are going to compliment each other well and you can seriously increase your gains by performing penis exercises before and after a penis pump session.